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Hot List 50 TOP SA Restaurants 2015

Hi everyone

So SA Weekend had released the Hot List 50 TOP SA Restaurants for this year and so I decided to go through it and tick the ones that I have been too and circle the ones that I haven't. I'm going to make this post public since it's really about nothing. I'm now going to make a list of the restaurants that I want to eat at as I feel inspired and it will be like my bucket list of restaurants.

1. Appellation The Louise (Barossa)
2. Botanic Gardens Restaurant (Adelaide)
3. Hentley Farm (Seppeltsfield)
4. Orana (Adelaide)
5. Pizza E Mozzarella Bar (Adelaide)
6. Golden Boy (Adelaide
7. D'Arry's Verandah (McLaren Vale)
8. Ellen Street Maxwell Wines (McLaren Vale)
9. Leonard's Mill (Second Valley)
10. Pipers Of Penola (Penola)
11. Salopian Inn (McLaren Vale)
12. Fino At Seppeltsfield (Seppeltsfield)
13. Hispanic Mechanic (Frewville)
14. Mt Lofty Ranges Vineyard (Lenswood)
15. Osteria Oggi (Adelaide)
16. George's On Waymouth (Adelaide)
17. Jolley's Boathouse (Adelaide)
18. Peel Street (Adelaide)
19. The HWY (Plympton)
20. The Lion Hotel Restaurant (North Adelaide)
21. Victory Hotel (Sellicks Hill)
22. Faraja (Goodwood)
23. Jarmer's Kitchen (Bowden)
24. Lickerish (Semaphore)
25. Pasta Deli (Glynde)
26. Abbots and Kinney (Adelaide)
27. The Flinders Street Project (Adelaide)
28. Market Street (Adelaide)
29. Minestra (Prospect)
30. Paddy's Lantern (Adelaide)

Hope you all have a good weekend!

Love N xx
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